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Born in the vibrant cityscape where creativity thrives, Channabulldog the street-wise, urban home, and funky mascot of the Multichannel eCommerce solution, Channable earned his stripes through a unique journey of determination and entrepreneurship.

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  • My origin

    In the heart of the bustling metropolis, Channabulldog had a humble beginning as a scrappy stuffed animal, bouncing from thrift shops to back alleys. But this bulldog wasn't just another cuddly toy; he had a dream that went beyond the confines of toy store shelves.

  • My destination

    Channabulldog dove headfirst into the world of digital marketing. His sharp instincts and knack for staying ahead of trends made his online store a hit in no time. The store not only showcased his own line of plush bulldog companions but also curated a selection of funky, urban-chic products from around the world.